About us

Based in West Sussex, Devil Developments was created by Lee Charnick in 2006, having spent several years working for Ford main dealers and then a series of specialist tuners. Keen to develop his own theories, ideas and concepts to extract power, Lee began by focusing on the four-cylinder Zetec engine, carefully developing a range of effective packages for customers, gaining him a reputation as one of the UK’s leading Zetec turbo specialist. This reached a peak with a 2.0-litre Black Top engine that produced 592bhp, a UK record at the time.

He quickly gained a name for himself and moved onto the Mk2 Focus ST and RS platform, using the same development processes to introduce revolutionary techniques to the Ford tuning world. Just 3 years later, Devil Developments had helped develop the world’s first standalone ECU package for the Mk2 Focus, in conjunction with Syvecs, and was pushing boundaries once again by developing bolt-on packages to cater for up to 800bhp.

Now, with over 30 years’ combined experience in the tuning industry, we pride ourselves in our professional approach and customer focused service, combined with a true passion for extracting the very best performance from our customer’s cars as we continually strive to test, develop and evolve parts, products and services.

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