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DD500 Package 500+bhp


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DD500 Package 500+bhp




Our DD500 package is designed to give a reliable and effective 500-550bhp (depending on specification) by strengthening the engine's internals with forged pistons and steel con-rods, replacing the original turbo and manifold with our own big turbo kit, improving the fuel system and offering a suitable REVO Stage 5 remap or complete Syvecs ECU replacement.  

The price is for a drive-in, drive-out package and includes all labour, fitting and mapping. 



This price is based upon the car being healthy and already having a suitable intercooler and 3" exhaust system. Some exhaust systems and intercoolers on the market do not flow well enough to make the power.



Forged pistons and con-rods, with a block mod and all associated replacement gaskets and fittings

Garrett GTX30.76 turbo on our own cast exhaust manifold, 38mm TIAL or Turbosmart wastegate, downpipe and all fittings

Syvecs ECU conversion, which allows full mapping capabilities and advanced torque biasing traction control that virtually eliminates wheel spin, so power can actually be used

An uprated fuel system, consisting of a single Bosch 044 external fuel pump, external swirl pot, adjustable pressure regulator and fuel return line

A set of 1000cc injectors

A Helix paddle clutch kit with flywheel


All this for £15,895


£14,395 with Revo Stage 5 instead of Syvecs



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