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Toucan Display


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Toucan Display




Toucan is an innovative display unittaht connects via CAN bus to the Syvecs engine management system.

It has two main functions-

1- Easy naming and selction of calibrations (or maps) in place of standard rotary switch

2- Extensive gauge displays compltere with auduable and visable alarms, as well as absolute dynamic peak markers.

Each CAL position is provided with two lines of user-enetered text, reducing the risk of selecting the wrong map.

Pin protection can be enabled, so the vehivcle may be parked with an immolibser CAL enabled or a valet mode, with pin entry required before the CAL can be changed.

Gauge have an absoluye peak marker with rest button. Plus a dynamic peak marker that holds the most recent peak for a configurable period of time before dropping back to curret value. A dynamic minimum marker is also avalaible on many gauges to show the lowest value.


Four main gauge pages are provided and each apge can be changed to show your preferenves.

Alarms can be individually enabled for each parameter, with the alarm thresholds et as required.

Allow oil temperature warning can be enabled, especiallyb important for turbocharged engins to avoid driving hard when the oils to cold.


Red, White and Green colur schemes are provided to suit most vehicles.




The display is full colour TFT LCD with 320x240pixels and a resistive touch screen. Backlight dimming for night time use can be manually selected.

Gauges can display either imperial, metric units or usa units with road speed in mph or kph.



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