Fiesta MK6

  • AIRTEC 45mm Core Alloy Radiator Upgrade for Fiesta ST150


  • AIRTEC 70mm Core Intercooler Upgrade for Fiesta Mk6 and ST150


  • AIRTEC Intercooler Upgrade for Mk6 Fiesta 1.6 TDCi


  • AIRTEC Motorsport Billet PCV Baffle Plate for NA or Turbo Engines


  • AIRTEC Motorsport de-cat downpipe for Fiesta Mk6 TDCI


  • AIRTEC Motorsport Engine Oil Breather System for ST150


  • AIRTEC Motorsport Induction Kit for Fiesta ST150


  • AIRTEC Motorsport Race Tow Strap Kit for Focus Mk2/3 ST and RS and Fiesta ST150


  • AIRTEC Motorsport Torque Mount for Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost; ST180 & ST150


  • Pro Hoses Four-Piece Boost Hose Kit for Fiesta Mk6 1.6 TDCI


  • Pro Hoses Power Steering Reservoir Relocation Kit for Fiesta ST150


  • Pro Hoses Seven-Piece Auxiliary Coolant Hose Kit for Fiesta ST150


  • Pro Hoses Two-Piece Coolant Hose Kit for Fiesta MK6 1.6 TDCI


  • Pro Hoses Two-Piece Coolant Hose Kit for Fiesta ST150


Unleash Your Fiesta MK6’s Potential

At Devil Developments, we understand the thrill of driving a finely tuned vehicle. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing an exceptional range of tuning parts specifically for the Fiesta MK6. Our collection is meticulously designed to enhance your car’s performance, ensuring a more responsive and exhilarating driving experience. Whether you’re looking to improve horsepower, torque, or overall efficiency, our products are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Engineered for Excellence

Our 14 specialised products include everything from high-flow air filters and performance exhaust systems to advanced ECU remapping and turbocharger upgrades. Each component is crafted with precision to ensure perfect compatibility with your Fiesta MK6. By choosing Devil Developments, you’re not just buying parts; you’re investing in a legacy of automotive excellence. Our tuning parts are the result of extensive research and development, carried out by our team of passionate experts who are as enthusiastic about performance as you are.

Performance Upgrades Tailored to You

We believe that every driver has unique needs and preferences. That’s why our range of Fiesta MK6 tuning parts is designed to cater to a variety of performance goals. Whether you’re aiming for a more aggressive sound, a sharper throttle response, or a significant boost in power, our products can be mixed and matched to create a customised tuning solution that’s right for you. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice and help you select the perfect components for your vehicle.

Quality You Can Trust

At Devil Developments, quality is our top priority. We only stock parts from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that every item we sell meets our stringent standards. When you choose to upgrade your Fiesta MK6 with our tuning parts, you can drive with confidence, knowing that you’ve equipped your car with the best the industry has to offer. Experience the difference that quality parts make to your driving experience and join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust Devil Developments for their tuning needs.

Drive Better; Drive Devil

Maximising your Fiesta MK6’s performance is more than just a hobby; it’s a commitment to driving excellence. With Devil Developments, you’re not just modifying your car; you’re elevating your entire driving experience. Our premium selection of tuning parts ensures that your vehicle is always running at its peak. So why wait? Rev up your Fiesta MK6 and unleash its full potential today. Drive better; drive Devil.


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