AIRTEC Intercooler and Radiator Combination for Mk1 and Mk2 Escort



A neat tidy conversion package, Includes 50mm core Intercooler, 40mm Radiator & 2 x Italian slim line fans.

Some minor cutting is required to ensure a neat fitment.

Cool that YB Classic! with AIRTEC.

Suitable for Mk1 & Mk2 Escorts, can be made to fit other applications.

Warranty. 1 year forRadiators & 3 years for Intercoolers.

Approximate dimensions:

Intercooler – Pipe diameter 60mm o.d. (outer diameter)

  • Width 690mm
  • Height 350mm
  • Thickness 62mm (core thickness 50mm)

Radiator – Pipe diameter 34mm o.d. (outer diameter)

  • Width 696mm
  • Height 264mm
  • Thickness 50mm (core thickness 42mm)


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