AIRTEC Intercooler Upgrade for Mondeo Mk4 2.2 Diesel



Comes with fullfitting kitand instructionsincluded, fitting takes 1 -2 hours. Only basic tools required and you don’t have to remove Bumper to fit.

AIRTECMotorsport ‘S latest creation is this intercooler for the Mondeo Mk4 2.2 Diesel, the Intercooler is made with a high flow 60mm core and Angled flowed end tanks, which in turn increase’s power, torque & also lowered ATC Temps.

Bestresults will be seen from Re-mapped cars, but gains can be seen on standard cars.

BHP & Torque gains on Standard carfitted with AIRTEC Intercooler upgrade will see 5 – 10 bhp & even higher gains on re-mapped cars.

Width: 945mm

Height: 320mm

Depth: 60mm


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