AIRTEC Motorsport Alloy Top Induction Pipe for Fiesta Mk7/8 1.0 EcoBoost



Help your 1.0 EcoBoost get a much air into the engine as possible!

Transform your 1.0 EcoBoost engine bay, larger diameter pipework combined with AIRTEC induction kit means louder wastegate chatter, similar to Focus RS Mk2.


  • Swaged ends so induction pipescan’t blow off
  • Silvermandrel bent alloy pipe work
  • Uses original fixing points
  • Focus 1.0 engine cover can still be fitted
  • Increased induction noise AIRTEC induction kit recommended

Fiesta Mk7/7.5 1.0 EcoBoost 100ps, 125ps, 140ps.
Fiesta Mk8 1.0 & ST-Line


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