AIRTEC Motorsport Chargecooler Radiator Upgrade for BMW M2 Comp, M3 & M4 (S55 Engine)



AIRTEC Motorsport Chargecooler Radiator Upgrade for BMW M2 Comp, M3 & M4 (S55 Engine)

We’re proud to launch our front mount chargecooler radiator upgrade aimed at BMW M2 Competition/M3 & M4 models for fast road or track use.

As the performance of chargecooled-engines depends on the temperature of the coolant inside the system, it’s very important to ensure it runs as cool as possible for as long as possible. As the standard system can struggle to maintain temperature, especially on a tuned application, the keys to ensuring a consistently lower running temperature are to increase the capacity of the system and its ability to cool it.

AIRTEC Motorsport’s solution to improving the original set up is utilise the available space behind the front bumper and develop a chargecooler radiator that measures nearly 100mm taller and 20mm thicker overall. This means capacity is increased by a huge 5.4 litres over standard, which is over double the capacity of the original. Frontal area is also increased by 40% to help cool the extra capacity.

Despite the huge increases that will allow the chargecooler system to run cooler for longer, the radiator fits neatly behind the bumper and requires no modifications to fit, using the OEM mounts and the original coolant connectors. To protect the larger core in its vulnerable position at the front of the car, there is also a (removable) stone guard.

Finished in a high-quality powder-coated black finish, the comprehensive fitting kit includes all fixtures and a detailed instruction fitting guide.

The larger radiator can be used with the original chargecooler to improve running temperatures, or to see the biggest performance gains, it’s advisable to use the radiator in conjunction with our ‘Ultimate Specification’ billet chargecooler upgrade: AIRTEC Motorsport Billet Chargecooler Upgrade for BMW S55 (M2 Competition, M3 and M4)


OEM chargecooler radiator:

Width: 590mm

Height: 308mm

Depth: 25mm

Capacity: 4.5 litres

Front area: 1810cm²


AIRTEC Motorsport chargecooler radiator:

Width: 540mm

Height: 410mm

Depth: 45mm

Capacity: 9.9 litres

Frontal area: 2210cm²



  • Over twice the capacity of the original
  • 40% larger frontal surface area
  • Twin-pass design for improved cooling
  • Direct fit with no cutting or trimming
  • Removeable stone guard to protect the core
  • Comprehensive fitting guide


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