AIRTEC Motorsport Engine Oil Breather System for ST150



AS Performance brings you this great addition to your ST150, after taking our own supercharged ST to 300+bhp we noticed on fast road and track use we was seeing oil coming from the crank case breather, we have also seen this in re-mapped normally aspirated ST’s as well.

Commonly known as an Oil breather, this neat kit actually separates the oil where it would cause excess smoke from getting thrown into the inlet manifold from the crank case breather, for the highest of tuned ST’s we have added an oil level indicator if the oil fills up to 300ml, this can be easily drained off by removing the drain located at the bottom of the tank.

The kit includes everything you need to fit

  • 1 x AS Performance oil breather tank with oil level indicator
  • 2 x Fluoro oil resistant custom shaped Pro-Hose available in 3 colours
  • Genuine ford inlet manifold rubber blank off pipe, you blank off inlet manifold as you will not need the crank case to breathe back into the inlet manifold anymore, this is the main cause of poor breathing of engine.
  • 25mm Stainless mesh filter
  • All stainless jubilee clips and fixing included
  • Full fitting instructions, takes about 20-30mintutes, it’s very easy to fit

Please choose from option for Breather tank finish and silicon hose colour

AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO58

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