AIRTEC Motorsport Enlarged Turbo Elbow for Fiesta ST 180



AIRTEC Motorsport Enlarged Turbo Elbow for Fiesta ST180 in Silicone

We’ve developed another solution to our popular enlarged turbo elbow for the Fiesta ST180. This new design features a bespoke one-piece silicone connector to directly replace the original plastic item, or as an alternative to our enlarged alloy design.

The internal dimeter of the new Pro Hoses silicone hose measures 70mm from start to finish, offering uninterrupted flow throughout, compared to other enlarged elbow pipes on the market and is a vast improvement over Ford’s restrictive design.

This solution also fits in place using a two-piece threaded adapter, which bolts to the flange as usual and then allows the new enlarged inlet pipe to easily tighten into place. This design feature means fitting becomes a much easier and simpler process, and is unlike any other on the market.


  • Direct replacement
  • Enhanced induction noise
  • Improves response and increases performance
  • 70mm continuous internal diameter
  • 10mm larger than original Ford hose
  • Easy fit two-piece threaded adaptor
  • Includes new gasket & fitting kit
  • Fits standard and hybrid turbos

Please note: Does not fit with standard crossover, will fit with ALL aftermarket crossover pipes.

Registered Design Right numbers: 6171880/6171878

AIRTEC part number: ATMSFO121

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