AIRTEC Motorsport Intercooler Upgrade for 1.8 / 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 4 Engine – 2020 Onwards



Developed at AIRTEC HQ in the UK, we’re proud to launch our uprated front mount intercooler kit aimed at EA888 Gen 4 platform owners who want the very highest level of cooling efficiency, power and performance for track or fast road use.


The Design
Leading on from the huge success of our EA888 Gen 3 platform intercooler kit that has proven itself the go-to option on numerous big power builds for the last 7 years, when it came to developing our kit for the EA888 Gen 4 platform we knew exactly which way to go. With very similar size restrictions to its predecessor, we utilised our huge 16.4-litre capacity core from the EA888 Gen 3 platform and integrated it to better accommodate the air-con radiator.

This allowed an impressive 80% increase in overall capacity in comparison to the original intercooler, as well as an increase in frontal area to make the most of the air flow provided. Together with our cast end tanks to ensure optimum air flow both in and out of the intercooler, the moulded one-piece designs ensure flow is directed correctly and efficiently.

Available in a high-quality powder coated black finish, the comprehensive kit is a direct replacement and comes with new Pro Hoses silicone boost pipes. It also comes complete with all fixtures and fittings, as well as detailed fitting instructions.


Its proven cooling efficiency increase makes it an essential modification for all modified EA888 Gen 4 platform models.


AmD Tuning dyno – Modified Golf R Mk7 Test Vehicle

Standard Intercooler AIRTEC Motorsport Intercooler
336.1bhp – 350.9 lb ft of torque 371.8bhp – 352.9 lb ft of torque

Run 1
– 115 degrees IN – 116 degrees
OUT – 44 degrees OUT – 18 degrees

Run 2
– 117 degrees IN – 117 degrees
OUT – 48 degrees OUT – 20 degrees


All research, design and development carried out at AIRTEC HQ in the UK by our team of fabricators and engineers. Extensive UK track days and multiple trips to the Nürburgring complete our comprehensive development and testing programme. We strive to put all of our products through a grueling test procedure so we can focus on ensuring they are nothing but the very best quality, delivering you the best performance on the road and track.


OEM intercooler AIRTEC Motorsport intercooler
Width: 619mm Width: 620mm
Height: 409mm Height: 420mm
Depth: 36mm Depth: 63mm
Capacity: 9.1 litres Capacity: 16.4 litres
Front area: 25,320cm² Front area: 26,000cm²



2021 onwards – VW Mk8 Golf R 2.0T
2021 onwards – VW Mk8 GTI 2.0T
2021 onwards – Audi 8Y A3
2021 onwards – Audi 8Y S3



  • Specifically designed for the EA888 Gen 4 platform
  • Tried and tested core design that’s proven to work
  • 80% increase in overall capacity in comparison to original
  • Increase in frontal area over standard
  • Huge increase in cooling ability
  • High-flow, one-piece cast end tanks
  • Pro Hoses silicone boost pipes included
  • Powder coated black finish
  • Includes fittings and fixtures
  • Detailed fitting guide included


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