AIRTEC Motorsport Uprated Auxiliary Radiator (DSG & Engine) for VW Golf Mk7/Mk8 R, Audi S3, Seat Leon, AudiTT



As part of our expanding Audi/VW and Seat product ranges, AIRTEC Motorsport are proud to launch our uprated auxiliary radiators for DSG or engine coolant suitable for track or fast road use.

The Issue
During extended periods of track or fast road use, particularly for cars with increased power, both the DSG transmission’s oil and the engine’s coolant can reach temperatures that are too high to offer sufficient cooling protection properties. As a result, there is risk of damaging the transmission and/or engine, so the car’s ECU will automatically limit the engine’s torque output and extend the gearbox’s shift times, which makes it feel notably less responsive and eager. It can even cause permanent damage, if it persistently overheats.

The Solution
AIRTEC Motorsport’s solution to improving the DSG’s and engine’s running temperatures is to increase the size, capacity and ability of the original auxiliary radiators mounted behind either side of the bumper. By utilising the available space, we developed a replacement radiator that’s wider and thicker. This means capacity is increased by a huge 67% over standard, whilst frontal area is also increased to help sufficiently cool the extra capacity.

The core also features a quadruple pass design, which forces coolant entering it to pass up and down the core four times before it exits, increasing the time the coolant passes through the radiator to further decrease temperatures. The result is a radiator that is able to keep cooler for longer, therefore helping the car run at its optimum for longer.

Despite the increases, the radiators fit neatly behind the bumper and requires only minor trimming of the original air duct to fit, otherwise using the OEM mounts and the original coolant connectors. To protect the larger radiator core from road debris, there is also a (removable) stone guard.

Finished in a high-quality powder-coated black finish, the fitting kit includes all fixtures and a detailed instruction fitting guide.


  • Audi S3 8V
  • AudiTT 8S (2.0 TSi)
  • Seat Leon Cupra 5F
  • VW Mk7 Golf R

Right-hand side cooler – DSG

Left-hand side cooler – engine coolant


Width: 188mm

Height: 216mm

Depth: 26.5mm

Capacity: 1.08 litres

Width: 200mm

Height: 216mm

Depth: 42mm

Capacity: 1.8 litres



  • Available for both left- and right-hand sides
  • 67% increase in capacity compared to original
  • Quadruple-pass design for improved cooling
  • Direct fit with no cutting or trimming
  • Removeable stone guard to protect the core
  • Comprehensive fitting guide


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