AIRTEC Stage 1 50mm Core Single Pass Intercooler Upgrade for Fiesta RS Turbo



Fiesta RS Turbo Stage 1 Single Pass front mount intercooler with MASSIVE 11″ Italian blower fan!

Natural Silver or Pro-Series satin black finish available.

T3 and T2 Turbo kit available please choose from options list.

What is a single pass intercooler The main visual difference is that the core runs top to bottom instead of left to right like a twin pass intercooler. This means that the core is vertical which allows the cooling core to be lined up side by side. We have found in our test that the single pass design is the most effective in dropping ACT temps and no boost pressure loss compared to twin pass design.

Torque of the Devil rolling road test results. (TESTED ON STANDARD FIESTA RS TURBO RUNNING 7 PSI)

4.5 BHP Increase on up on standard showing intercooler core flowing more air.

11 lb ft of torque increase up on standard.

53-degree drop in ACT temperature – 79 degree C intake temp & 26 degree C outlet temperatures.

Comments by Torque of Devil – “You should see even better results on modified cars.”

Depending on tools and mechanical skill about 2-3 hours (3 hours for perfectionists) Comes with full fitting kit and instructions The first front mount intercooler which you don’t have to cut your front bumper to fit, only your lower front panel will need cutting.

Width: 460mm
Height: 290mm
Depth: 50mm


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