AIRTEC Stage 2 100mm Core Intercooler Upgrade for Focus RS Mk1



AIRTEC Motorsport Stage 2 100mm Core Intercooler Upgrade for Focus RS Mk1

All intercooler kits comeWITHthe dump valve take off; if not required, please use a blanking plug.

Why do I need a front mount intercooler kit?
The original chargecooler kit works well enough on standard examples, but on modified cars with increased boost pressure, the water temperatures in the chargecooler system cannot cope and start to climb to very high levels that it can’t recover from. As a result, ACTs (Air Charge Temperatures) can rise to over 55 degrees (as seen during testing), leading to power loss and possible engine damage.

By fitting a front mount intercooler set up, these ACTs are kept well below the safe 50 degree mark, which in turn helps your engine produce more power safely, as seen in the results below.

Test results taken at Torque of the Devil on 31/01/09, tested on our own development car with modifications being Dream Science map set, stainless-steel exhaust with de-cat, Gen2 induction kit uprated actuator, peaking at 21psi.
Standard Chargecooler:
Power: 262bhp
Torque: 306 lb/ft
AIRTEC Motorsport intercooler:
Power: 292.7 bhp
Torque: 345 lb/ft

That’s 30bhp and 39lb/ft just by bolting on this kit!
Air Charge Temperatures
Inlet temp (going into intercooler): 158 degrees
Outlet temp (coming out of intercooler): 25 degrees
Please remember the test car has standard turbo, so this kit will work even better fitted on cars with aftermarket manifolds and turbos.
This kit will take you approximately 4-6 hours to fit and can be carried out at home, there is no cutting and you don’t need to turn your turbo housing with this kit.
  • AIRTEC Motorsport 100mm core
  • Alloy boost pipes
  • Silicone hoses (available in blue or black, please choose from options)
  • Full stainless steel jubilee clips for silicon hoses
  • Alloy Battery relocation tray with battery clamps
  • Step-by-step fitting Instructions
  • Noother parts needed we provide every bolt, nut you will require.

Please note this kit has been designed to use K&N Gen2 or similar and original airbox cannot be used.

Registered Design Right number: 6023252


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