DD600 Package 600+bhp



Our DD600 package is designed to give a reliable and effective 600-650bhp (depending on specification) by strengthening the engine’s internals with forged pistons and con-rods, replacing the original turbo and manifold with our own big turbo kit, improving the fuel system, fitting uprated camshafts and offering a complete Syvecs ECU replacement.

The price is for a drive-in, drive-out package and includes all labour, fitting and mapping.



This price is based upon the car being healthy and already having a suitable intercooler and 3″ exhaust system. Some exhaust systems and intercoolers on the market do not flow well enough to make the power.



Forged pistons and steel con-rods, with a block mod and all associated replacement gaskets and fittings

Precision 6266 GenII ball-bearing turbo on our own stainless-steel tubular exhaust manifold with billet collector, 50mm TIAL or Turbosmart wastegate, downpipe and all fittings

Newman Stage 1 camshafts

Syvecs ECU conversion, which allows full mapping capabilities and advanced torque biasing traction control that virtually eliminates wheel spin

An uprated fuel system, consisting of a twin Bosch 044 external fuel pumps, external swirl pot, adjustable pressure regulator and fuel return line

A set of 1000cc injectors

A Helix paddle clutch kit with flywheel


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