KMS IA23 Ignition ECU



The KMS IA23 is a stand-alone management system for controlling the ignition system of any Otto engine up to 8 cylinders. The KMS IA23 is highly suitable for all applications where injection systems for some reason cannot be used or are not allowed. It can also be used in combination with the original management system to take over the control of the ignition system, for example to raise the RPM limit or to apply launch control or powershift.


The KMS IA23 ECU is supplied including breakout loom, communication cable, software and wiring instructions.


Ignition system up to 8 cylinders (8 cylinders distributor only)

Compact and robust design

Power shift / Launch-control


This system can be used on coils with or without internal drivers

Hall or inductive input

Connector with gold plated pins

Water resistant

Shortcut protected outputs

Serial RS232 communication

External dashboard (KMS CAN display in combination with interface


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