KMS MD35 Management ECU



The KMS MD35 ECU is a programmable engine management system that can be used as an independent engine control unit (ECU) for virtually all types of Otto engine, or in combination with a standard engine management system. It can take over the standard injection/ignition at any desired engine speed, boost pressure or throttle valve position.

A complete self learning air to fuel ratio control (lambda control) is one of the key features of the KMS MD35 ECU. The lambda control is used in combination with the KMS Uego CAN controller set. Precise ignition and air/fuel mixture control will lead to excellent driveability, performance and low fuel consumption.


The KMS MD35 ECU is supplied including main connector, communication cable, software and wiring instructions.




Complete engine management system up to 12 cylinders

Dual self-learning lambda control in combination with KMS UEGO CAN controllers

Odd firing angles

Direct fire in combination with cam-sensor

Inductive / Hall crank trigger

Staged / Banked injection

Map selector

Engine diagnostics

Short cut protected outputs

38 channel 4Mb datalogging

Dual processor technology

Water resistant

Connector with gold-plated pins

USB interface

CAN communication (used for extra in-/outputs, KMS CAN display, etc.)

2 engine load sensors

3 analogue inputs (2nd lambda, gearbox position, G-force sensor, EGT, etc.)

4 speed inputs in combination with the KMS speed sensor -> CAN converter

3 auxiliary outputs (Shiftlight, water-injection, cooling fan, etc.)

Pit lane and speed limiter (variable)

RPM limiter

A.L.S. (variable)

Powershift (separate delay and cut-off time for each gear)

Boost control (gear, speed and time dependent)

Launch control (variable, seperate time delay possible)

Idle control

Traction control


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