KMS MP25 Management ECU



The KMS MP25 ECU is an affordable and efficient engine management system. By using the minimum of sensors, three auxiliary outputs, one auxiliary input and a wide range of functions, the KMS MP25 ECU can cope with 90% of all types of Otto engines.
These basic functions make the MP25 a simple, reliable and effective engine management system at a very competitive price.


The KMS MP25 ECU is supplied including main connector, communication cable, software and wiring instructions.


Complete engine management system up to 10 cylinders

Self-learning lambda control in combination with KMS UEGO controllers

Engine diagnostics

Short cut protected outputs

Serial RS232 communication

External dashboard (KMS CAN display in combination with interface)

2 engine load sensors

Analogue input (2nd lambda, gearbox position, G-force sensor, EGT, etc.)

3 auxiliary outputs (Shiftlight, water-injection, cooling fan, etc.)

Pit lane limiter (variable)

RPM limiter

A.L.S. (variable)

Powershift (separate delay and cut-off time for each gear)

Boost control

Launch control (variable)

Idle control


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