Pro Hoses Induction Hose for AudiTT 1.8T 20V (180bhp) AWU/AWP/AWD/AWW/AUQ/AUM/APP



Performance hose kit for theTT 1.8T 20V (180bhp)

Kit includes one induction hose

Made by Pro Hoses.

  • Fits engine codes starting in AWU/AWP/AWD/AWW/AUM/AUQ/APP
  • 4-ply construction, Nomex and Fluoro available (please call for best prices)
  • Hi-flow design for increased BHP & torque on the original hose
  • Available in a range of colour options

Gloss Black, Race Red, Performance Blue normally kept in stock.

Other colour hoses, made to order

Frozen White, Bright Yellow, Grey, Kawasaki Green, Orange,

Purple, Vivid Pink, Ultimate Green

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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