Revo Serial Port Switch (SPS)



The Patented OBD2 interface is the ultimate compliment to our performance software. The SPS gives the user the ability to switch between performance modes and a stock performance setting via the vehicle OBD port.

Our SPS has a preset stock mode, the ability to store three performance settings and the additional benefit of a security lockout program (anti theft).

Simply select a program, plug in, wait a few seconds, remove the select device and start the car. It’s simple and there’s no fixed switch to install in the vehicle.

Please note: Revo SPS switch will only work with vehicles running Revo software.



SPS Functionality

The SPS delivers different levels of functionality depending on the vehicle it is used with, and whether variable switching is available in our performance software. Revo adjustability  allows the vehicle to be setup efficiently for varying fuel quality and conditions. For specific details of functionality of the SPS with your car please use the vehicle software selection option on the home page to view the software product page for your vehicle.

SPS Dial

The SPS Dial Settings are as Follows:

0          –           Communications for use when setting up SPS

1          –           Stock

2          –           Performance Mode 1

3          –           Performance Mode 2      not valid for all engine/ECU types

4          –           Performance Mode 3      not valid for all engine/ECU types

5          –           Anti-Theft ON                not valid for all engine/ECU types

6          –           Anti-Theft OFF               not valid for all engine/ECU types

9          –           Firmware Update           for internal Revo use only

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